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July 15, 2019 Decorations Ideas

Create a Lovely Landscape with Decorative Grasses

Decorative grasses can be chosen to create a beautiful landscape. If you have adequate space of the backyard, you can make an outdoor space. Then, for natural look, the decorative landscape really can give you a beautiful view at the backyard. There are some plants you need to decorate the landscape. One of them is the grass with beautiful look that can make the landscape look prettier.

decorative artificial grass

decorative artificial grass

Various Types of Decorative Grasses

14 Inspiration Gallery from Create a Lovely Landscape with Decorative Grasses

Image of: decorative artificial grass
Image of: decorative fake grass
Image of: decorative grass plants
Image of: decorative grass
Image of: decorative grasses for landscaping
Image of: decorative grasses
Image of: fake grass decor
Image of: fake grass decoration
Image of: faux grass decor
Image of: grass decor
Image of: perennial decorative grasses
Image of: tall decorative grass
Image of: tall decorative grasses
Image of: types of decorative grass

There are a lot of kinds of grass species that have decorative look. The attractive color of the leaves and foliage make the grass become focal point for the landscape. Then, to get a nice view, you need the grass in various height. For the tall grass with the height around 6-7 feet, you can choose Feather Reedgrass, Cordgrass, Maidengrass and many more.

Pretty Grasses with Low Height

To complete the view of your landscape, you also need the grass with low height. The grass are commonly 3-5 feet height. There are some options you can choose for the grass. They are Fountaingrass with feathery plums, Little Bluestem that the leaf color can turn from gray-green into the shades of red, orange and purple, Blue Oatgrass with low maintenance and many more.

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